What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s.
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann gave us three principles.
(a)?A substance that cause symptoms in healthy person can be use to treat this symptoms when it occur in an ill person.
(b)?Diluting the homeopathic medicine increases it?s curative power and avoids unwanted side effects.
(c)?Homeopathy treats the whole person physical mental, emotional and not just the illness.

2.? How does it work?

Homeopathy is essentially a natural Healing process?in which the remedies assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the body?s natural healing forces (Defense?System). Homeopathy is used not only to relieve symptoms but also to prevent illness and maintain overall health.

3. How are Homeopathic medicines made?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by taking a solution of the concentrated ingredient and diluting many times. Vigorous shaking of the preparation is vital of each stage of dilution. Each stage is known as potency means power. Homeopathic medicines may be in form of the tablets, pills and liquids. All prepared to the highest?quality standards from pure, natural sources. The tablets or pills are sweet testing.

4. Is Homeopathy effective?

Two hundred years of clinical experience along with research published in different medical journals have confirmed homeopathy?s effectiveness with a wide range of conditions from minor ailments to major serious illness for millions of people worldwide.
It has often been successful when all other forms of treatment have
Homeopathy has gained widespread support and practices?by most?doctors in more than fifty countries throughout the world.

5. Is Homeopathy safe?

Yes, Homeopathic remedies are completely safe, non-toxic?and non-addictive, with no unwanted side effects, even for babies, children, nursing mothers and during pregnancy.

6. When do I need to see a qualified homeopath?

Although homeopathy is suitable for home treatment for minor ailments and for first aid use, if you have a longstanding or more serious illness a qualified homeopathic doctor should be consulted.
As we are all so very different in our mental and physical makeup, it is reasonable to expect that our reaction to illness will also be different and individual. Illness will occurred many years previously, sometimes in childhood or even in our parents and grandparents can often lead to areas of weakness in our constitution and a skilled homeopath may spend some time in tracing and removing this defects by the use of the correct homeopathic medicine.

7. How do I store Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicine should be stored in a dry place below 25* C, in their original container and away from strong smells such as perfume, aftershave, coffee, moth repellents and should be kept out of reach of children.

8. How do I take medicine?

Avoid touching the tablets with your hands. Tips the tablets into the mouth under the tongue. Then simply chewed or sucked, not swallowed whole. For young children tablet can be crush to powder before being given with milk or water.
Food, drink, tobacco, chewing gum, smoking and toothpaste should be avoided minimum 30 minutes before and after taking a medicine. Keep the gap of minimum 5-10 minutes between taking two different medicines if possible.
Avoid onion, garlic, asafetida, coffee or any strong smelling substances, which can neutralize the effect of medicine.

9. Can I take homeopathic medicine with conventional (Allopathic) medicine?

Yes, It is perfectly safe to do so. There is no conflict between conventional medicine and homeopathic medicine. Though the side effects from ordinary drug may complicate the symptom picture. This is why it is so important to consult a homeopathic doctor, as he will be able to advise you how to reduce or stop conventional medicine in a safe way.

10. Should I take my homeopathic medicine indefinitely?

No, once your symptoms start to lessen, you should increase the time between doses according to the directions on the pack. Only restart treatments if your symptoms begin to re-appear. Always follow your Doctor?s advice.

11. Does taking a stronger dose have a greater effect?

No, it is the frequency of taking the dose that matters, not the number of tablets. Always follow the instructions on the pack.

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